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CDL Manuals open doors to exciting new truck driving jobs in the transportation industry. Transportation is one of the biggest employers of commercial drivers with a CDL. With the help of a CDL manual you can become a long-haul truck driver, cab driver, limo driver, bus driver, delivery truck driver, courier or messenger. There are over 1.7 million heavy truck drivers in the US. All these jobs require a commercial drivers licence or CDL. To earn a CDL you must get a CDL Manual.

Local truck driving jobs are the future of the trucking industry. They are also the best jobs you can get with a Commercial Drivers License or CDL. All across the USA businesses are demanding more truck drivers. There appears to be a shortage of drivers. That’s great for you. All you need is a CDL to have your pick of local truck driving jobs.

You might have heard about self-driving trucks and that these machines will eliminate all trucking jobs. First, don't be afraid. It is better to look for opportunities in the face of change. Second, self-driving trucks still have a long way to go before they will be legal on all US roads. One company hyped their technology until a reporter found the truth. The company was a fraud. Their self-driving trucks didn't work and they got in big trouble. Even when these automated trucks become practical, it will take years to convert the millions of existing trucks to the robotic ones. That means you will still have trucker careers for all those old trucks. You might even get a job riding in a self-driving truck. The trucks can't fill themselves up with diesel, or put on chains for mountain passes, or set out emergency signs when they break down. So don't worry, you can have truck driving jobs for twenty years before the self-driving trucks take over half the market.

In-town trucking jobs might use smaller trucks. This is an advantage for you over long haul truck drivers driving tractor trailers are obligated to have a class A license. You could possibly get a class B or a class C license for local jobs. Having a class B license you can drive straight trucks with no trailers. This can include garbage trucks, delivery trucks, large passenger buses, dump trucks, food trucks and cement mixers.

The class C commercial license allows using lighter vehicles that do not fit classes A or B. This includes buses made to carry sixteen to twenty-three passengers, including the driver. Class C is good for small transports like hotel or airport shuttles. It is also good for smaller vehicles that transport hazardous materials. In cities, many businesses must have deliveries of pressurized gases, solvents, fuel and chemicals. These can all be dangerous and you can earn a good living hauling small containers of hazardous materials that need a placard on the truck. Though it sounds scary, if you memorize the regulations and observe them, it can be safe and important work.