Help us meet the Palindrome 500 Challenge by submitting your original palindromes by the end of June 2021.

Palindrome 500 Challenge

Five hundred original palindromes by the end of June 2021. Can we do it? With your help, we can.

Most of the known palindromes are over fifty years old. Some are hundreds of years old. I call that stale. It's time for some fresh creativity.

The tools on this site make it possible for anyone to compose great palindromes that no one has ever seen before. Even if you have never tried to write a palindrome, I think you will be surprised at how easy it can be. Franklin's Palindromedary is basically a word list. What makes it different is that it contains only words that have potential for palindromes. I eliminated tens of thousands of words that just won't work in English palindromes. It gives you a leg up by showing only the useful words.

The Palindrome Composer speeds up the search process by using software for the tedious stuff. You can enter a single word into the Word Explorer, see all the split choices for the reversed word, choose a split, and lists of matching words instantly appear. Composing palindromes becomes a fun, creative activity, instead of a difficult and frustrating slog.

As rewarding as palindrome composition is, I don't expect you to submit your palindromes without some hope for compensation. My goal is to publish at least five hundred new palindromes in the first Palindromedary anthology. I will set aside, at minimum, forty percent of the book sales for all members who contribute palindromes that make it through the editorial gauntlet. The more palindromes you submit, the more you can be paid.

What I need now are more members and more palindromes. Tell your friends about it. As word spreads, so will the excitement, which will make the book more popular. And use the tools. Practice helps. The more I used Palindrome Composer, the easier it got for me to see a potential palindrome.

And here is the official announcement. We are now accepting original palindromes from all members for our first anthology: "Palindromedary 2020". Join today to submit your original compositions!

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