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Learn about palindromes, what Franklin’s Palindromedary is, benefits of membership, the history of the Palindromedary, the origins of the word Palindromedary, and our process for selecting and publishing palindromes.


A palindrome has several definitions. The one I use for this site is a phrase or sentence that reads the same in the forward and reverse directions. Thus, every palindrome has symmetry. Palindromes are easy to read, sometimes tricky to spot in other prose, and brain-bendingly hard to write.

Franklin’s Palindromedary

This is the core tool for creating palindromes. Learn how the Palindromedary is organized. Then see how the Main Word List entries give you clues to expand a word. Finally, learn how to use the Reversed Word List to find words ending with the clues you got from Main.


Members have benefits, like access to Franklin’s Palindromedary, and the amazing Palindrome Composer, which speeds up the process of composing an original palindrome. Registering for a membership is easy and at no charge. Members can submit palindromes for publication on the website and in palindrome anthologies. Your name will be permanently linked to your palindrome compositions. You could even get paid for your work.


Franklin’s Palindromedary and this website have a long and twisted history. Learn which frustrations altered my path and which events planted the seed. It took years for the seed to sprout and grow into a possible way to construct palindromes. More than a year of hard work went into building the Palindromedary and other tools.

Name Origins

Who invented the word palindromedary? The story involves ego, convergent ideas and an iconic brand logo. This site builds on all of those elements. Which word would you choose for a word that spells another word when reversed? You have eighteen choices. Be quick! The answer is the name of another word list in Franklin’s Palindromedary.


Unlike social media, which imposes few and inconsistent limits on what users may post, member-submitted palindromes undergo a rigorous process of review and selection. This is an edited and curated collection of the best palindromes created by contemporary authors. The process for publishing your palindromes is equally meticulous and demanding.

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