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Cia So Manic in a Mosaic

Meet Cia, manta whisperer and underwater cat trainer. Here she is doing four impossible things before breakfast: holding her breath for an hour during an undersea jaunt; riding her favorite giant manta, Faye Wraye; sipping espresso arabica below the waves; and recording a viral video of her ocean-loving cat, Jacques “Mioeux” Cousteau.

Our first book in the Palindromedary Anthology Series, Cia So Manic in a Mosaic, contains 143 new and original palindromes by authors from the UK and the USA. Every palindrome has an origin story penned by the author. These symmetrical compositions will surprise and delight, ranging from absurd to painfully real, from humorous to downright silly.

Press Releases

Fort Collins Editor Publishes Original Palindrome Collection

September 1, 2021 – Editor Ray N. Franklin has published a collection of new and original palindromes by a slate of UK and US authors. The book, Cia So Manic in a Mosaic, contains 134 palindromes. A palindrome is a phrase or sentence that reads the same forward and backward. The title of this anthology is a palindrome.

Fort Collins Man Solves Palindrome Problem

October 6, 2020 – Fort Collins resident Ray N. Franklin has solved the Palindrome Problem. "Palindromes are fun and easy to read, but devilishly hard to write," Franklin says. The unique reference book he named Franklin’s Palindromedary, contains specialized word lists. These lists help wordplay enthusiasts find words that fit into a perfectly symmetrical palindrome.

Ray N. Franklin Biography

Ray N. Franklin has been a software engineer, entrepreneur, and now a palindrome editor. He received degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. Afterward, Franklin enjoyed a long career at Hewlett-Packard in northern Colorado. He spent a few years building a granola-making business before returning to technology work.

In the late 1970s, he became interested in palindromes and harbored a personal goal of writing these intriguing, symmetrical sentences. While that goal eluded him for several years, he recently found a way to achieve his goal with the help of specialized software he wrote.

The result of the software project was a set of word lists designed to help palindromists. His aim was always to assist palindromists in the creative process. He chose not to produce computer-generated palindromes. The whole point of composing palindromes was to have fun and create something new and personal.

Publishing the tool—called Franklin’s Palindromedary—on a website, Franklin set out to entice people into the task of writing original palindromes. He recruited several authors from the UK and the US, who then wrote many palindromes. Their work appeared in the first Palindromedary Anthology, entitled Cia So Manic in a Mosaic. The title is also a palindrome.

Ray N. Franklin lives in Colorado. He continues to promote the website and the anthology.