Palindromes and palindromedaries around the world, Middle East view
Palindromes and palindromedaries around the world, Middle East view.

Original Palindromes

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If you are looking for original palindromes, this is the place. You won’t find any of the moldy-oldy palindromes written more than fifty years ago. All the palindromes here are fresh and original, written by Palindromedary members and other palindromists who publish on social media and elsewhere.

Our members know how helpful Franklin’s Palindromedary and the Palindrome Composer can be. They use these remarkable tools to express themselves through palindromes, those fantastic sentences (and even paragraphs) that read the same forwards and backwards.

Use one of the buttons above to browse our palindrome list in your preferred ordering. Each entry shows the author’s name and the exact time that palindrome was born. Plus, every palindrome has a story, as shared by the author. These stories are rich sources of inspiration and tips. Use that information when you decide to craft your own palindromic literary works in this constrained writing space.

You might be the next world champion palindromist! The best way to find out is to use Franklin’s Palindromedary and the Palindrome Composer to write some original palindromes. It all starts by joining, which is free. You’ll never know if you have the creativity to be a palindromist unless you try. Join today. I’m waiting to see what marvels you can create.

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Have you ever tried to compose a palindrome? It can be hard unless you happen to be a stable genius. I’m no genius and I failed to ever write an original palindrome, until I created Franklin’s Palindromedary. I did it to help my underperforming brain. And it worked! The computer did the hard work, and I just supplied a little creativity. I’m sure you are more creative than me and that the Palindromedary will work for you. Give it a try today. Check out our educational videos and articles.

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