Daily Palindrome Widget

It’s easy to have the Daily Palindrome on your website or blog. Whether you use Wordpress, another platform, or built it yourself, it all starts with a small code snippet.

The Daily Palindrome widget fits any page. Here it is in action, with today’s palindrome.

The palindrome changes every day, two minutes after midnight in Denver. It draws from a large collection of old and contemporary palindromes. Some of the modern palindromists use the Palindromedary reference and Palindrome Composer in their writing.

Daily Palindrome Widget Code

Copy the code below and paste it into one of your web pages. It works well on WordPress (WP) sites and should work on systems like Drupal, Joomla and others. Click the button to copy the code to the clipboard. Then paste it where you want it to appear.

Get Code

Add Widget To WordPress Site

The easiest way to get the Daily Palindrome on your WP site is to paste it directly into the content using the block editor. Just edit the page or post and add a new block. Select the HTML block type and paste the code into the block. The image below shows the result.

WordPress block editor, enter snippet

Then click the Preview button to see the current palindrome. Easy and done.

WordPress block editor, preview snippet

Once saved and published, your page will display the Daily Palindrome, updating once per day. Thank you for using this feature.

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