Palindromedary Anthology Series

The submission window for our first book in the Palindromedary Anthology Series, Cia So Manic in a Mosaic, closed at the end of June 2021 and is now on sale. Have a sneak peek at the book covers below.

Our first palindrome anthology, “Cia So Manic in a Mosaic”

Meet Cia, manta whisperer and underwater cat trainer. She is so much more than a palindrome or colored pebbles arranged in a pretty pattern. Her story is fabulous, amazing and inspiring.

Cia So Manic in a Mosaic is our first book in the Palindromedary Anthology Series. It’s available on Amazon now. The palindrome authors contributed a diverse and excellent set of compositions. It features over one hundred unique and original palindromes, including Cia’s remarkable story. Get your copy today!

Palindromedary Ebooks For Sale

Franklin’s Palindromedary is now available in ebook format! Work on new palindrome compositions without internet access. Just download the ebook to your device and use the powerful palindromedary reference anywhere.

And check out the newest title, How To Write Great Palindromes. A terrific companion to the palindromedary, this book uses excessively detailed examples to demonstrate palindrome composition methods.

The palindrome anthology series is now under way! Scroll down to see what our brilliant authors have been doing.

Select the book covers below to peek inside and get your own copy today.

Franklin’s Palindromedary Franklin’s Palindromedary is the only reference designed specifically for creating original palindromes. Gain a better understanding of palindromes, and learn strategies to guide you from a single starting word to a sparkling new original palindrome. It lists 76,749 words in each of the Main and Reversed sections, 402 palindromic words, 1,394 ananyms and 1,086 verbs. The Main and Reversed lists contain over 218,000 cross-references for speedy analysis of potential words to use in your growing palindrome. This ebook edition lets you keep working on your palindromes even without internet service.
How To Write Great Palindromes How To Write Great Palindromes is chock full of examples to help you learn palindrome composition. Insanely detailed examples give you insights into thought processes that help you explore new pathways to amazing original palindromes. Every example begins with a single seed word, including how I happened to choose that word. From there, each example goes on to show every lead, dead-end, and the turning points that kept the palindrome growing until it emerged, complete and beautiful, like a butterfly from a chrysalis. By the way, chrysalis is not in the palindromedary because it is not a very useful word for palindromes. Larva, aurelia and pupa are better. You’ll find no better guide for your journey from inspiration to exhilaration at beholding a shiny new palindrome.

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