Palindrome Tools

Our tools for palindromists and writers facilitate efficient palindrome composition. Read about and access Franklin’s Palindromedary and the Palindrome Composer. Check out the Palindrome Submission Guidelines to be sure you understand the requirements for submitting a palindrome to the anthology or website.

  • Franklin’s Palindromedary is the foundation of all palindrome tools here. It is an organized set of word lists optimized for palindromes. Every entry has potential for use in a palindrome. I discarded tens of thousands of words to make your writing job easier.

    Select the green button to learn more about the Palindromedary. Select the blue button to use the Palindromedary.

  • Palindrome Composer builds on the power of the Palindromedary by adding just enough automation to speed your writing process. Enter a word and it presents a choice of splits, and then words matching your selected split. It puts the results of three separate lookups from the Palindromedary all on one page.

Help Pages

  • See how Franklin’s Palindromedary is organized and how it can help you compose palindromes. Examples show how to use the entries to find more words for your growing palindrome. Our palindrome tools and lists of palindromic words and ananyms can be the start of a beautiful palindrome.

  • Learn how to use the Palindrome Composer, from the first word, to selecting splits, to finding words that match split fragments, to a completed and valid palindrome.

Using Palindromes

What do you do with your brave new palindrome? You could post it online to amaze your friends, send it to your Mom in a Mother’s Day card, or work it into a story. The possibilities are endless.

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