Palindrome Submission Guidelines

I am now accepting original palindromes for the anthology "Koala Cola Lo-cal A-OK" to be published sometime during 2021. On July 1st of every year, the previous anthology submission window closes and the new anthology window opens.

What I Want

I want the best palindromes you can compose. Good palindromes delight and amuse. Great palindromes contain emotion, drama, commentary, absurdity, subtlety and art. Bend the language. Distort the grammar. Raise the roof and sink the ship. Aim high and don't hold back. I like puns and limericks and low-brow humor as much as I like literary works. I also like science fiction, or the so-called genre literature. Great palindromes can be all of those, and more.

A truly great palindrome will be one or more grammatically correct sentences. Sometimes a phrase or a simple interjection can help elevate a complete sentence to the level of greatness. Stick to one subject or theme; conveying one idea clearly and with style is priceless. Longer words that have not been used, or rarely used, in palindromes are always a plus. Compositions that include several word splits tend to hide the symmetry, which is another positive factor. The Palindromedary eases the process of finding such words.

Of the thousands of palindromes composed over the last few hundred years, here are a few that achieved greatness in their time and may well hang onto those laurels for years to come.

  • Some meet Tim, mock committee memos. (Malaki Stahl)
  • Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog. (Jon Agee)
  • Straw—no, too stupid a fad; I put soot on warts. (Leigh Mercer)
  • Lisa Bonet ate no basil. (Douglas Fink)


Here's the short list of requirements. The details follow the list.

  1. All submissions must be palindromes
  2. All palindromes must be in English
  3. Every palindrome must be two words or more
  4. Each palindrome must be suitable for all audiences
  5. All palindromes must be original and written by you
  6. Each palindrome must be unpublished
  7. You must be a member of to submit a palindrome
  8. To submit, select Submit Palindrome from drop-down menu while logged in

Every submission must be in English and must be at least two words long. If your palindrome is more than one thousand words long, please send a query via the Contact page. Describe your palindrome, as though submitting it through the Palindromedary website. I will contact you and request your palindrome by email if I am interested. I recommend submitting a shorter palindrome before querying about a long one. That way you can experience the entire submission process first.

In addition to your palindrome, the submission form requires several other pieces of information. It asks for an Author Name, which will be displayed with your palindrome when published. This name may be different than the name you used for registration, or it can be the same. The choice is yours. You must also enter a story about yourself, a short biography if you like, or whatever you want people to know about you.

Similarly, you must enter a story about your palindrome. This is your chance to tell people about your inspiration, and what sequence of thoughts and experiences helped you compose the palindrome. A good story adds depth to the composition and increases reader interest. Aim for 50 to 500 words. More than that is likely to be chopped during the editing process. Read the Palindromes pages to get a feel for palindrome stories.

I am publishing an anthology of palindromes. I will consider only palindromes. I will ignore all queries about non-palindromic fiction and non-fiction, essays, stories, novellas, novellettes, and novels. Read About Publishing to get a better sense of what I want.

All submitted palindromes must be original, created by you, and unpublished. Unfortunately, if you have placed a palindrome on your website or any other website, that means you have published it. The same is true for any self-published palindromes. If your palindrome won a contest or award and subsequently appeared on a website, in a magazine, in a newsletter, in print, or anywhere else, it has been published and I will not consider it. Read the Terms of Use to understand what I mean by original.

You can easily check a palindrome for originality by doing a quoted web search. Remove all double and single quotes from your palindrome. Enclose the entire palindrome with a pair of double quotes. Paste the entire string into a search engine. If you get no results for the quoted string, then it is original as far as the internet is concerned.

The originality test in the Palindrome Composer is always correct if it says the palindrome is not original. However, the database of palindromes it uses is not comprehensive. It can falsely state that a palindrome is original because the list of palindromes is not as complete as that of a major search engine. So it is always a good idea to do the search yourself before submitting.

This is a site for everyone. I will reject any submission that contains offensive language or that demeans others. If you want the best chance of having your work accepted, keep it clean and upbeat.

You must register to become a member of the website. Only members may submit palindromes through the website. Memberships are free. Always use a valid, working email address when registering. If you want to be paid for your work, then use an email address that will allow me to pay you via PayPal.

The palindrome submission form is coupled with Palindrome Composer. Compose your palindrome in the Current Composition field and validate it. If it is valid and original, then select Submit Palindrome from drop-down menu. Your palindrome will appear on the submission form automatically.

Rights and Responsibilities

When you submit a palindrome, you are granting me certain rights to use your work (the palindrome and whatever other content you submit via the form). The rights, and your responsibilities, vary with the kind of acceptance I choose. Here's a summary of the acceptance variations.

  1. Accepted for immediate web publication, World English Electronic non-exclusive rights
  2. Accepted for anthology and for immediate web publication, World English Anthology and Electronic non-exclusive rights
  3. Reserved for anthology, First World English Anthology and Electronic exclusive rights

When I accept a palindrome for immediate web publication only, it will not appear in the anthology. It will appear only on the website. My rights are World English Electronic non-exclusive, which means you may seek publication or publish it yourself anywhere. I classify such palindromes as being of interest, but not what I want for the anthology. I offer no payments for these palindromes.

If I accept a palindrome for both the website and the anthology, my rights are World English Anthology and Electronic non-exclusive. It will appear immediately on the website, and ultimately in the anthology, and I will pay you if the anthology meets its profit goals.

When I reserve a palindrome for the anthology, I claim First World English Anthology and Electronic exclusive rights. That means you must ensure that the palindrome is not published anywhere else until my rights are fully exercised. The time period for my exclusive rights runs from the time you submit the palindrome until six months after I publish the anthology. Read the Terms of Use carefully for the complete details.


Payments to authors are contingent upon the anthology being a business success. The sales must meet a profitability goal to trigger payments. Once that goal is met, I will set aside forty percent of the gross sales revenue for the first six months to pay authors. The size of your payment depends on how many of your palindromes I accept for the anthology, the total word count of your palindromes, the total word count of all palindromes in the anthology, and the gross sales revenue. Your payment will be prorated by word count.

As an example, if anthology sales are at my profit goal, the anthology has exactly 500 palindromes, and the average palindrome has five words, then the pay rate is $4.00 per word.

I make all payments via PayPal. You must supply a working email address at registration to receive payments. The payment schedule may be variable. The most frequent schedule is one payment per quarter and it might be less frequent. Read the Terms of Use carefully for the complete details.

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