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Why become a member of the website? To access the tools! As a member you can use Franklin’s Palindromedary, the Palindrome Composer, and quickly become a palindromist. Here's a complete list of the benefits.

  • Use Franklin’s Palindromedary, alone or in conjunction with the Palindrome Composer. This cross-linked resource is the original, one-and-only reference that makes finding words for palindromes easy.
  • Use Palindrome Composer, the fastest way to create original palindromes.

Some people claim it is easy to write palindromes. I think those people have unusual mental skills not available to most other people. I love palindromes, but I never could figure out how to write them. When I got the idea of using computers to help, I saw a unique opportunity. It was a chance to combine my programming skills with my love of language. As I dug into the problem, I had several insights. I found a way to help locate words for building a palindrome and present them as choices. That arrangement allowed for human creativity to blend with computer logic in a balanced way. It took some work, spread out over more than a year, and the result was Franklin’s Palindromedary. I think it's my best creation ever.

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