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Palindrome: Ten A.M.

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  • Ten A.M. — Manet
    - Royal Baysinger, 05:46 24 Mar 2022
    After years of giving private lessons, aged artist Agatha Satterthwaite had finally saved enough to go to Paris! When building her schedule for visiting the Musee d’Orsay, she paused on her first entry:
    Ten A.M. — Manet
    How much time did she need for Manet? And what about Degas? Renoir? Monet? How many hours would be enough for Seurat, Cézanne, or Van Gogh? Would she ever want to leave?
    About Author
    Royal Baysinger is a writer from Arizona living in Montreal. His short fiction has been featured in Beyond Words and Cuento Magazine. His first picture book, Kasanova: Lost in Love, will be released October 2022 by Lawley Publishing.

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