Palindromes and palindromedaries around the world, Middle East view
Palindromes and palindromedaries around the world, Middle East view.

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  • Ten A.M. — Manet
    - Royal Baysinger, © 05:05 26 Mar 2022
    After years of giving private lessons, aged artist Agatha Satterthwaite had finally saved enough to go to Paris! When building her schedule for visiting the Musee d’Orsay, she paused on her first entry:
    Ten A.M. — Manet
    How much time did she need for Manet? And what about Degas? Renoir? Monet? How many hours would be enough for Seurat, Cézanne, or Van Gogh? Would she ever want to leave?
  • Sam, mock commas.
    - Ray N. Franklin, © 13:33 06 Jul 2021
    In reddit/r/palindromes, this palindrome showed up:  "Rot I derail, rot I'd derail! I–a redditor, liar, editor." I thought it had too many commas, so I wrote this little palindrome as a comment. Snide, and maybe a bit rude, I guess my editor hat is stuck on too tight today.
  • Trevni, say "WOW, MOM, WOW." Yas, invert.
    - Ray N. Franklin, © 18:20 25 Jun 2021
    This is another Reddit-inspired work. The original poster said "Wow Bob wow." I thought of what my college roommate, Dr. Jon P. Dowling, called a "palindromic canon." WOW MOM is not really a palindrome, but if you rotate it on the page around the middle space, it reads exactly the same at 180 degrees and again at 360 degrees. Instead of just submitting WOW, MOM, WOW, I decided to expand it and include a suggestion to experience the magic of rotation. By the way, Sir Richard Burton is famous for many reasons, including for saying "yas" instead of yes; he spoke like that long before social media and the current usage.
  • E. M. Ordni laptop dab is as I; bad pot palindrome.
    - Ray N. Franklin, © 17:45 25 Jun 2021
    A Redditer posted “I” as a palindrome in the palindromes sub-reddit. That's silly. Every letter of the alphabet looks like a palindrome, but isn't. While “A” and “I” are both words, they don't count as palindromes. I wanted to comment in a way that suggested “I” is not a palindrome. My first idea, “E. M. Ordni lap-ons no palindrome” contained the literal message but didn't feel satisying. I played with the middle until I came up with this variant. It’s more subtle and slightly more coherent.
  • Sit. I elicit song. No local. A colon-gnostic ileitis.
    - Ray N. Franklin, © 18:59 14 Jun 2021
    It all started with gnostic, an unlikely word for a palindrome. That lead to a call for music: “elicit song gnostic ile.” Next up, ileitis, an inflammation of the ileum. “Sit. I elicit song. Gnostic ileitis.” Interesting, but not compelling. Tried colon next: colon no-loc. With the intestinal theme, local anesthetic seemed possible. I stopped there. Something about colon-gnostic just sounds right.
  • Yado, trip a tapir today.
    - Ray N. Franklin, © 12:27 08 Jun 2021
    The simplest of words can often trigger an original palindrome. Have a nice trip? I did. The Palindrome Composer came through again. Trip reverses to pirt, with a split of pir-t. A handful of words end in pir, including tapir. “Trip tapir t” is not a palindrome, but “trip a tapir t” is. I didn't bother to look through all the words that begin with T. I just chose today and called it good.
  • Hero Jameson went, “New nose, Major, eh?”
    - Lloyd Wood, © 13:37 07 Jun 2021
    After the senior officer’s recent rhinoplasty, the decorated soldier couldn’t help but notice.
  • Re: Grub — “Lion on Oil Burger.”
    - Lloyd Wood, © 21:35 17 May 2021
    Strange fare, but don’t knock it until you try it, I suppose.
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