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Palindrome: Go Home, Delia. Trucker

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  • Go home, Delia.
    Trucker trek curtailed.
    Emo, hog!
    - Trucker Poet, 12:39 14 Aug 2020
    Time: half-hour. I started with trucker, naturally, and I used the palindrome composer. I was surprised by the words available for the split rek-curt. I chose trek for the left word, which made a short palindrome right off the bat! Then I played with the words starting with curt. I liked curtailed because it made sense; an organized convoy of truckers on a trek that got canceled.
    What I had: Delia trucker trek curtailed.
    Going beyond that was harder. Since the words were all complete, I had to find new ones to expand the sentence. I noticed that "trucker trek curtailed" felt poetic and it could be the middle of a haiku. A haiku palindrome would be cool, so I went with that flow.
    With Delia on the first line of the haiku, and the trek canceled, it just occurred to me that maybe a trek organizer would start telling the drivers the bad news. "Go home" felt like a good phrase, and to my surprise, it worked just as well in reverse. I'll let you figure out what the last line means. After all, art is in the eye of the beholder.
    And that was it. Finished. As people used to say where I grew up, "It ain't perfect, but it'll do.”
    About Author
    The Trucker Poet grew up around trucks, and he has a passion for the truck driving lifestyle. He also studied poetry and blends a poetic view of life with a trucker’s career. He sees beauty and inspiration everywhere he looks as he crisscrosses North America on the everlasting road trip.
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