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Palindrome: Sam,

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  • Sam, mock commas.
    - Ray N. Franklin (from Cia, So Manic in a Mosaic), 13:33 06 Jul 2021
    In reddit/r/palindromes, this palindrome showed up:  "Rot I derail, rot I'd derail! I–a redditor, liar, editor." I thought it had too many commas, so I wrote this little palindrome as a comment. Snide, and maybe a bit rude, I guess my editor hat is stuck on too tight today.
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    I’ve had a lifelong interest in English and writing, which I maintained throughout my engineering career. My computer language skills and open-source word lists made the Palindromedary possible, along with a sense of how to apply technology to the task of composing a palindrome. Drawing on my web development experience since 2002, a website seemed the natural choice for first publication.
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