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Palindrome: Smug

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  • Smug spit tips gums
    - Steve Prosze, 12:43 09 Oct 2020
    I was in the bathroom and spaced out on my mouthwash for healthy "gums", and reversed it into smug. Then I played on the reversal thing on the Palindrome Composer until, I came up with "spits", which is the last step in mouthwash. Having slight dyslexia helps, because I reverse words anyway.
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    In order to win “most unusual collection” at the annual elementary school intergrade show-and-tell, little Stevie Prosze collected toothpaste caps for a year, without first checking to see if there indeed was a most unusual collection category. It was not his most wasted year. 
    Steve Prosze likes most dogs more than he likes most people, which suits most dogs and all people just fine. He’s also the big cheese at www.nextinlinemagazine.  If you find him roaming the streets, please do not chase.

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