Palindromes and palindromedaries around the world, Middle East view
Palindromes and palindromedaries around the world, Middle East view.

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  • Snubs mom’s buns, snubs dad’s buns, snubs mom’s buns
    - Lloyd Wood, © 15:51 25 Feb 2021
    I always liked mom’s rolls, biscuits, buns and other baked goods. Dad’s not so much. Whoever turned their nose up at mom’s buns just doesn’t know how a proper bun should taste.
  • Repel a storm. Ergo, depart! Oh, can a reviled snot sue us tons? Deliver a nacho. Trap Ed. Ogre M rots a leper.
    - Lloyd Wood, © 17:29 25 Feb 2021
    For me, explaining how I do it is more difficult than doing it and much less fun. For this palindrome, I had compiled a list of words (mostly in twos) I had thought of that are palindromic. In this case, I started with “snot tons” and it grew from there. I also just wrote down random words to see if the ends of them could be made into a word, reversed. It took me about 0.5 hours for this one and I laughed out loud when I finished because it is so nonsensical, but some words just go so good together. It doesn’t hurt that I go by my middle name, Ed. Just did this today, 02/25/2021.
  • Dog, huh? Ruff....fur, huh, God?
    - Lloyd Wood, © 15:57 01 Mar 2021
    I guess we all have questions from time to time. I started this one with “ruff fur”. Neat that dogs do this and have that.
  • Diary raid!
    - Lloyd Wood, © 16:23 03 Mar 2021
    My sister valued her privacy, so she never liked this.
  • Tide, ocean: Na eco-edit
    - Lloyd Wood, © 17:57 03 Mar 2021
    This one’s a little hard to follow but I think it makes sense once it is understood. The tide and ocean are always moving and changing the ecology (eco-edit) of things in the water and shores. Sodium (Na) is the first component in salt, which the ocean has in abundance.
  • To Gramma, I am Margot.
    - Lloyd Wood, © 19:14 07 Mar 2021
    I don’t know why she calls me that, but she’s my Gramma, and she can do whatever she wants.
  • “Suga” raps “A Royal Slay” or “Asparagus.”
    - Lloyd Wood, © 00:06 10 Mar 2021
    Are these the song titles of a rap artist named Suga, or are Suga’s knuckles being used to tap out the words in Morse code? Hmm...
    This palindrome started during a trip to the produce section of a grocery store.
    The word “Slay” is being used here to mean “strongly impress” or perform exceptionally.
  • Rats! No iron on Orion star.
    - Lloyd Wood, © 14:12 18 Mar 2021
    I was counting on it. And to think I traveled all that way for nothing...
    I like “No iron on Orion” by itself but the additional words seem to help it make more sense.
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