Palindromes and palindromedaries around the world, Middle East view
Palindromes and palindromedaries around the world, Middle East view.

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  • Rail set is a sites liar
    - Kris Rickards, © 10:51 29 Dec 2020
    This palindrome is inspired by those trainsets you get and ignore as child, but become obsessed with as a retired Grandfather. These old men in their attics and sheds create this idyllic landscapes in the most minutiae detail based upon the sceneries invented by their rose tinted nostalgia. But as Simone Signoret said in 1975, "nostalgia isn't what it used to be," and they are missing the truth of history.
    Old men hobbyists,
    And young novelists
    Create their own little worlds.
    Based on reality
    Letting their mind flee
    A power of God unfurled. 
    But it isn't true
    Skies aren't always blue
    Quaint, peaceful and full of bliss
    These make believe lands
    Crafted by many hands
    by men who just need a kiss.
  • Part A is sure not one Russia trap.
    - Lloyd Wood, © 10:49 24 Feb 2021
    It has been somewhat difficult not to think about Russia over the last four years, so why not use it in a palindrome?!
  • Tell Uber: "Artful red nun in under luft rare bullet."
    - Lloyd Wood, © 16:19 24 Feb 2021
    I thought of this palindrome a few years ago, when it seemed everyone was using Uber, and it seemed like I heard the word several times a day. As for the word “Luft,” you can hear Nena—the German band—sing about it in the 80s song “99 Luftballons” on the same-named album. Who has ever heard of a floating bullet, right? And who wouldn’t want to tell Uber about a sly red nun in under one?
  • Nigel, pull up, pill lip! Pull up! Leg in!!!
    - Lloyd Wood, © 16:24 24 Feb 2021
    Clearly, Nigel is a pilot, albeit one with a conspicuously-shaped lip. It seems the air traffic controller sees that Nigel is in danger and is instructing him on how to avoid it with his airplane.
  • Strohs stinks. My gyms knits shorts.
    - Lloyd Wood, © 16:34 24 Feb 2021
    For those who are not aware, Strohs is the name of a beer that they do not make anymore. I tried it before and it did stink. As for my gym knitting shorts, well....
  • Part laminate id, a diet animal trap.
    - Lloyd Wood, © 16:37 24 Feb 2021
    Everyone has a laminate piece of identification, but I’ll bet there aren’t many who have a diet animal trap!
  • Rot a gill, a doctor; rot cod, alligator!
    - Lloyd Wood, © 17:35 24 Feb 2021
    Alligators need lots of instructions.
  • Live war, raw evil.
    - Lloyd Wood, © 23:03 24 Feb 2021
    While there are so many that I enjoy that make me laugh, I really like this palindrome because it actually makes sense.
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