Palindromes and palindromedaries around the world, Middle East view
Palindromes and palindromedaries around the world, Middle East view.

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  • Hal: I led a repo opera, Delilah.
    - Lloyd Wood, © 18:50 20 Mar 2021
    Hal, a once so-so director, made it known that he was still proud of his abilities, even if it meant being involved with a theater in decline.
  • Hero Jameson went, “New nose, Major, eh?”
    - Lloyd Wood, © 13:37 07 Jun 2021
    After the senior officer’s recent rhinoplasty, the decorated soldier couldn’t help but notice.
  • I'm a giros origami.
    - Ray N. Franklin, © 13:55 19 Dec 2019
    Seed:  origami
    Time:  30 minutes
    Starting from the seed origami, the first line below almost leapt off the screen. I chose the im-a-giro split. Though the contraction "I'm" is not in the Palindromedary, it was an obvious possibility. Both giro and giros were in the words list for the right fragment. Originally, giro was short for autogiro, an early precursor to the helicopter. Some also use that spelling for the Greek sandwich, properly called a gyros. Though I spent half an hour trying to expand the palindrome, the first line remains the best.
    * I'm a giros origami
    * llama I'm a giros origami a mall
    * Alive! I'm a giros origami evil A.
    * Liam, I'm a giros origami, mail
    * Liana, I'm a giros origami, a nail.
    * Sega, listen. I'm a giros origami, net silage's
    * Mao, listen. I'm a giros origami, net Siloam
    * So, listen. I'm a giros origami, net silos.
    This palindrome wrapped up my experiment. I managed to produce four palindromes in two hours and twenty minutes, spaced out over half a day, an unqualified success in my opinion.
    Origami was also the springboard for a poem containing three more palindromes. With another hour of work, I had a poem in four quatrains, an enigma of mi, and a plurality of palindromes. I'm saving that poem for a future publication, probably the first Palindromedary anthology.
  • Krab-mealworm-wasted, a cadet saw Mr. Owla embark.
    - Ray N. Franklin, © 09:23 19 Dec 2019
    Seed:  wasted
    Time:  20 minutes
    I started this on the verbs list and landed on wasted. The rest followed fairly quickly. I strongly associate the word cadet with sailing ships, and mealworms with the hardtack sailors ate. Going with the nautical (or maybe spacefaring) theme, the word embark seemed like a good way to expand "em". Krab naturally follows, which is a marketing term for fake crabmeat. I liked the image of a cadet drunk on whatever makes Krab mealworms tolerable. Perhaps the combination ferments without any further assistance.
    * wasted det saw
    * wasted a cadet saw
    * mealworm wasted a cadet saw Mr. Owla em
    * Krab-mealworm-wasted, a cadet saw Mr. Owla embark.
    This was the first palindrome I composed during an experiment to see how many I could create in a relatively short amount of time.
  • Live war, raw evil.
    - Lloyd Wood, © 23:03 24 Feb 2021
    While there are so many that I enjoy that make me laugh, I really like this palindrome because it actually makes sense.
  • Ma, I won!!  Am a llama now, I am!
    - Doug Latham, © 20:31 27 Apr 2021
    I have a T-shirt showing a T-Rex holding a long-handled, T-Rex-head-tipped grabber in each of his little arms. At the top of the shirt, it says, “NOW I AM UNSTOPPABLE.” While looking at the mirror, I saw that the reverse of “Now I am” is “Ma I won.” Just took a few more minutes to work a llama in the middle.
  • Nigel, pull up, pill lip! Pull up! Leg in!!!
    - Lloyd Wood, © 16:24 24 Feb 2021
    Clearly, Nigel is a pilot, albeit one with a conspicuously-shaped lip. It seems the air traffic controller sees that Nigel is in danger and is instructing him on how to avoid it with his airplane.
  • No, wise man, flog Tahiti-hat golf names I won.
    - Lloyd Wood, © 13:05 25 Feb 2021
    One day I realized that “Tahiti hat” is palindromic, which I think is a good stand-alone palindrome. That same day I had been playing around with the word golf to try and make some sentences. That’s how it usually works with me. I think of random words and see what potential they have to make other words. Then I make a list of them and go from there. Anyone has the potential to flog a Tahiti hat, but it would take a really wise man to flog his golf names!
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