Palindromes and palindromedaries around the world, Middle East view
Palindromes and palindromedaries around the world, Middle East view.

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  • Re: tawnier rein water.
    - Ray N. Franklin, © 10:01 14 Dec 2019
    Seed:  water
    Time:  5 minutes
    I first explored the re-taw split of water, ignoring words that end in "re" (there are 905), and focusing instead on words that start with "taw". I quickly took a shine to tawnier and the palindrome soon fell into place. With "re" at the beginning, it looked like a legal title and I decided to stop there.
  • Rod on a rail. Liar, an odor.
    - Lloyd Wood, © 23:22 24 Feb 2021
    Was that a rod on a rail? Nope, just an odor. Weird.
  • Rot a gill, a doctor; rot cod, alligator!
    - Lloyd Wood, © 17:35 24 Feb 2021
    Alligators need lots of instructions.
  • Sam, mock commas.
    - Ray N. Franklin, © 13:33 06 Jul 2021
    In reddit/r/palindromes, this palindrome showed up:  "Rot I derail, rot I'd derail! I–a redditor, liar, editor." I thought it had too many commas, so I wrote this little palindrome as a comment. Snide, and maybe a bit rude, I guess my editor hat is stuck on too tight today.
  • Sit. I elicit song. No local. A colon-gnostic ileitis.
    - Ray N. Franklin, © 18:59 14 Jun 2021
    It all started with gnostic, an unlikely word for a palindrome. That lead to a call for music: “elicit song gnostic ile.” Next up, ileitis, an inflammation of the ileum. “Sit. I elicit song. Gnostic ileitis.” Interesting, but not compelling. Tried colon next: colon no-loc. With the intestinal theme, local anesthetic seemed possible. I stopped there. Something about colon-gnostic just sounds right.
  • Smug spit tips gums
    - Steve Prosze, © 12:43 09 Oct 2020
    I was in the bathroom and spaced out on my mouthwash for healthy "gums", and reversed it into smug. Then I played on the reversal thing on the Palindrome Composer until, I came up with "spits", which is the last step in mouthwash. Having slight dyslexia helps, because I reverse words anyway.
  • Snubs mom’s buns, snubs dad’s buns, snubs mom’s buns
    - Lloyd Wood, © 15:51 25 Feb 2021
    I always liked mom’s rolls, biscuits, buns and other baked goods. Dad’s not so much. Whoever turned their nose up at mom’s buns just doesn’t know how a proper bun should taste.
  • So Ma repaid an inn in a diaper, Amos?
    - Lloyd Wood, © 22:52 09 May 2021
    Since Amos couldn’t unsee it, he thought that sharing it with someone else might be helpful.
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