Palindromes and palindromedaries around the world, Middle East view
Palindromes and palindromedaries around the world, Middle East view.

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  • Strohs stinks. My gyms knits shorts.
    - Lloyd Wood, © 16:34 24 Feb 2021
    For those who are not aware, Strohs is the name of a beer that they do not make anymore. I tried it before and it did stink. As for my gym knitting shorts, well....
  • Subaru, U R A bus.
    - Lloyd Wood, © 08:55 23 Mar 2021
    Thoughts of a soccer mom...
  • “Suga” raps “A Royal Slay” or “Asparagus.”
    - Lloyd Wood, © 00:06 10 Mar 2021
    Are these the song titles of a rap artist named Suga, or are Suga’s knuckles being used to tap out the words in Morse code? Hmm...
    This palindrome started during a trip to the produce section of a grocery store.
    The word “Slay” is being used here to mean “strongly impress” or perform exceptionally.
  • Tell Uber: "Artful red nun in under luft rare bullet."
    - Lloyd Wood, © 16:19 24 Feb 2021
    I thought of this palindrome a few years ago, when it seemed everyone was using Uber, and it seemed like I heard the word several times a day. As for the word “Luft,” you can hear Nena—the German band—sing about it in the 80s song “99 Luftballons” on the same-named album. Who has ever heard of a floating bullet, right? And who wouldn’t want to tell Uber about a sly red nun in under one?
  • Tide, ocean: Na eco-edit
    - Lloyd Wood, © 17:57 03 Mar 2021
    This one’s a little hard to follow but I think it makes sense once it is understood. The tide and ocean are always moving and changing the ecology (eco-edit) of things in the water and shores. Sodium (Na) is the first component in salt, which the ocean has in abundance.
  • Tim, Edna, nose roses. Abide, Jedi. Base sore son and emit.
    - Lloyd Wood, © 23:26 24 Feb 2021
    I know... this one is all over the place. But how many palindromes talk about Star Wars?
  • To Gramma, I am Margot.
    - Lloyd Wood, © 19:14 07 Mar 2021
    I don’t know why she calls me that, but she’s my Gramma, and she can do whatever she wants.
  • Tray my art. Not a ton! Tray my art.
    - Lloyd Wood, © 23:46 24 Feb 2021
    Please, handle my paintings with utmost care.
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